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fabulous biog

 The Fabulous Red Diesel is, as the name suggests, a bizzarre, under-the-radar, lively nu-jazz 5 piece. They have 6 albums on Spotify, they have fans all over the South East, but more importantly, play beautiful, groovy original  memorable songs. Think Corinne Bailley Rae,  maybe Meldody Gardot, sometimes a bit Sharon Jones, and even Babs and Kate Bush, and you'll be in Ms Kitty's ball park. The band have a variety of influences, Frank Zappa, Cream, Winton Marsallis, and Pink Floyd, and this, combined with the melifluous vocals of Ms Kitty makes for an unforgettable aural experience.

The 3rd album- We Know its 43 , was recorded and mixed by Phil Brown, who has recorded such greats as Bob Marley, Led Zepellin and more recently The Bombay Bicycle Club.

In addition to this,they have a live stage show called Sparkly Bird,a poignant emotional 12 song cycle,about the last months of a suicidal young woman.It features dance throughout, narration and visuals.

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The Fabulous Red Diesel are currently touring in the South East, with their new album, ''Live at The Lamb''.

Sparkly Bird the album will be finished in 2018

Sparkly Bird the single is available on Bandcamp-