Freaks is Comin ...

by Red Diesel

Released 2010
Priestess Records
Released 2010
Priestess Records
Groove, retro funk trippy jazz bandits with zog trumpet solos and blow your head off vocals
The first album from Red Diesel, long awaited and financed almost entirely by fans. each fan bought it before it was produced and Red diesel used the money to finish the album. A fine example of cyber cottage industry at its best. The whole operation was acheived through facebook, and it is facebook photos on the whole that we used for the cover- 25 faces on the cover , and 25 more on the other side. the faces of the kind folks who made the album possible are the cover, !!

Fab Red Gigs

May 5, 2018
The Royal Standard
hastings East sussex
May 10, 2018
The Carlisle
Hastings E, Sussex
May 18, 2018
Alfriston east sussex

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