The Fabulous Red Diesel's Audience

''The Fabulous Red Diesel. Whether live or live streamed they are inclusive and you come away from a session feeling like you've met friends. You can tell that they are having fun, it pours out of them and that vibe is infectious. On hearing their music I am compelled to dance abandoned, smile, sing along and enjoy their playfulness. ''šŸ˜ŠJeannie , audience memberĀ 


''When I'm in the audience I can't stop dancing !''Ā  Ā  Ā Suzanne, Hastings

''You guys make my soul dance'' Angela Lamothe

''Online viewing experience is immersive, makes you feel uplifted, makes you so musically satisfied, makes you want the volume up to 11, and definitely leaves you with a warm heart..''-Liz Foxall

We appeal to a wide fanbase !

Stuart Goodwin -Forest Row FestivalĀ 

The Fabulous Red Diesel have played the Forest Row Festival on several occasions. They always deliver: Big tunes, dance-floor fillers, cheeky, reflective, sentimental ballads that turn into raucous anthems. They have quirkiness galore and are just all round a fabulous bunch of artists.

Rye Jazz Festival Street gig