Sparkly Bird- Reviews


Sammy Stein, International Editor at the Jazz Journalists Association,

Author of 'Women in Jazz'. 

Sparkly Bird is a wonderful, original and deeply moving piece of performance art that should not be missed. Kat has written a series of songs about the death of her sister by suicide and these are sung and performed by her and her band. The relationship between the two sisters is vividly brought to life on stage by an aerial artist and her dance companion, who re-tell the story in a series of engaging, intense and beautifully performed dances. The story is also narrated in parts which helps the audience to understand the tragedy more fully and brings a weight to the piece. This is an emotional and courageous piece that takes the audience through the terrible pain of untimely death by suicide. The grief process is explicit but in no way indulgently morbid and the audience are taken along with Kat on her journey to a place of resolution. This was both painful and a joy to watch and hear. The band are all extremely talented musicians, Kat is a wonderful songwriter and all of the performances were engaging. This is an important piece of work about grief and suicide that could bring solace to others who have struggled with loss. 

Philippa Lucy. 

What a wonderful moving performance by The Fabulous Red Diesel at The Hastings Fringe Festival last Saturday. Based on Kat Lee-Ryan’s personal experience, Sparkly Bird tells the story of somebody trying to come to terms with the untimely death of a dearly loved sister. With some moving lyrics and extraordinary musicianship, the show takes you through an emotional roller coaster. The accompanying dance and aerialist add to the magic of the whole experience. Simon Goodman provides a superb narrative throughout, that completes this harrowing but moving story around mental health and the impact it can have on ordinary lives. Not to be missed. 

Ray Gerlach - Hastings Fringe.