Its nearly here ! The Fabulous Red Diesel are putting the finishing touches to their new album, titled Goddess The Seahorse. Its due to drop on 4th December 2022, and they are already booked at  Upstairs at Ronnie Scott’s for the launch party.  

2022 has been a very good year for Jazz FM favourites The Fabulous Red Diesel. They played Upstairs at Ronnie Scotts’s, The Cheltenham, Sidmouth and Rye Jazz Festivals, as well as a host of underground  indie festivals, all over the south of England.  

‘Goddess the Seahorse’ is their 8th album, on their own independent label, Priestess Records,funded by the Help Musicians MOBO fund. It is 14 tracks of superb originality, travelling from swing to blues, soul to indie, elusive as quicksilver and twice, as sparkly.Their sound comes from their far-reaching influences, firstly 60’s jazz, with hip-hop rhythm and sensibilities, classical arrangement structures, stark ,honest lyrics, with a warm soul vibe. It's a real gumbo of styles, with the most incredible vocals ,zog trumpets,joined at the hip rhythm section and hooky tunes.  

The Fabulous Red Diesel have been together since 2016, when Miss Bea-Have switched from trumpet to double bass, and their already eclectic sound found a new audience, the jazz world. Welcomed onto the Jazz FM airwaves with their last album, The Queensbury House Sessions, The Fabulous Red Diesel finally found a home , and have been wowing Jazz and indie audiences alike ever since.  

Nigel Jarrett-Jazz Journal- ‘an insouciant playfulness that's fully in accord with jazz tradition.’ 

Sammy Stein 'light-hearted lyrical lines, echoed by the keyboard and supported by a tight ensemble. This is smile-defying music and lifts the heart. '' 

Deb Grant Jazz FM- ‘’This band has made it onto my list of bands I need to see as soon as I physically possibly can’ 

Vents Magazine ''a beguiling mix of smoky jazz and achingly swooning soul, 

 Help yourself music‘’ hypnotising melodies and a sweetly soulful feel,  

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As played on Jazz FM

New single ''Butterfly Mind''played for 5 weeks on jazz FM

''This band have made it to my wish list of groups I intend to see live as soon as I physically possibly can'' DJ Anne Frankenstein Jazz FM

Quote from Ian Bowden- Director of The International Rye Jazz festival

THE INTERNATIONAL RYE JAZZ FESTIVAL -Ian Bowden  ''We were delighted to have The Fabulous Red Diesel headline at the 2016 Rye Jazz & Blues Festival this year. An amazing and original band with excellent musicianship, outstanding arrangements and infectious grooves that got the crowd to their feet demanding more!   We very much look forward to working with them in the future and I cannot recommend Kat and the band more highly – Until next time guys, you are the best!''” - Ian Bowden

— The International Rye Jazz Festival

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