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Don't Wanna Feel Old

New Video by James Turner

If you've ever wondered how we celebrate bonfire night in Sussex, wonder no more.Each town and village has its own bonfire society, and there are processions in every town for all of October right up to 5th November, everyone dresses up and drags fire about the place. It's awesome!!! People definitely do NOT act their age around here. Checkout some of the costumes by clicking the link below. 


Anne Frankenstein Show- lunchtime 29th jan !

We are so proud and happy to have made it onto our favourite radio station ! Thank you Anne Frankenstein, we got here ! Tune into Jazz FM to hear Butterfly Mind and other amazing tunes .

''This Band have made it onto my wish list of groups I intend to see live as soon as I physically possibly can''

-Anne Frankenstein, Jazz FM-talking about The Fabulous Red Diesel

Previous events

A relaxedand informal acoustic solo,gig, travelling back through the 600or so songs that the fabulous Red Diesel frontwoman, Kat Lee-Ryan has penned. Sit back on comfy sofas, relax and listen to songs about lancaster bombers, archeological digs, long dead aunts who forgot that they smoked after95years , struggling young women and flower stealing beaux. Hot drinks and a bar, the space to knot sew or read if you like, all to the wonderful aural backdrop of Kat's soothing melifluous vocals and piano. Also online for those who cant be in Hastings at facebook.com/fabreddiesel .3pm-6pmsunday 7th November. £5 on the door, concessions free

£5 , concessions free, also can pay on the door

Video- Birdie-on the first leg of the James Taylor tour 2020