From the recording Goddess The Seahorse


Somewhere Beautiful - by Kat Lee-Ryan

V1) You tell me I’m wrong ,
When I know that I’m right ,
You say I’m no good,
When that just isn’t true.
You say nothing’s changed,
When it’s clear you’ve moved the destination,
You say that it’s me
Ah when clearly it’s you .

Ch) Gonna build myself a boat,
Build myself a boat,
And sail away, sail away , sail away
Build myself a boat , build myself a boat
For me and all my family .
Batton down the sides, batton down the sides,
And sail away , sail away sail away ,
Go somewhere beautiful,
Where I won’t hear your voice anymore.

V2) You say nothings changed,
But i see the horizon,
I see how this falls apart,
Because of what you have done.
What I thought was a rock,
Is just a bed of shifting sand,
And i have to let go now,
Because the future has begun.

Instrumental out .