Beatrice Gullick AKA Miss Bea have


Sometimes less really is more. When Beatrice Gullick joined The Fabulous Red Diesel it was as a trumpet player only but when the position of bass player became available a swift move to double bass was inevitable. It changed the sound of the band forever.  Not least because, like any self respecting multi-instrumentalist , she also brought her trumpet and a tuba along too! Less players, yet more instruments and more genre-defying nods to many different styles of music. 

Other than The Fabulous Red Diesel, Beatrice has played in orchestras, jazz bands, ska bands, pit orchestras, brass bands and many more.  She has a solo album of classical/jazz genre, wordless but featuring all instruments she could play: bass, piano, guitar and an array of brass instruments. It was all written, performed and produced by herself inspiring the title: Me, Myself and I, available on Spotify, Apple and all the usual places.  Checkout her YouTube channel for more.