Simon Dobell AKA Rabbi Jaffa Delicious

Simon Dobell is an enigmatic sound generator, choosing the medium of trumpet and electric guitar for The Fabulous Red Diesel. He has played in many bands with Miss Bea-Have, including a long stint with ambient rock band Hedphonic Orange , along with Nick Endacott-Gibb from WizardAudioHove  .He is a multi instrumentalist though, playing drums, ebow guitar and sometimes even violin. He is a creator of soundscapes, moods and ambience, as well as being a fine rock guitarist and jazz trumpet player. He never plays what you would expect him to play, but always just what you need.

Simon's main love , apart from the FRD of course, is Modular synth.  in his own words, ''hypnotic, ambient, generative electronica created using modular synthesizers.'' His alter ego is BadHeadDay and he has a plethera of recordings . Hit the button below for Si's website