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''The fun is in not only the irony and cheekiness of some of its songs but also in the pleasure it evidently gets from performing, as audiences can attest''


The Fabulous Red Diesel deliver blissful album ''Goddess The seahorse'' deliver

UK quartet The Fabulous Red Diesel transport us to a world of musical bliss framed by moments of sprightly fun and melancholic reflection on eighth studio album Goddess The Seahorse.

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Album Review: “Goddess The Seahorse” The Fabulous Red Diesel. Words: Sammy Stein.

The Fabulous Red Diesel is not your average jazz ensemble. The ensemble sits somewhere between jazz, rhythm and blues, rock, and sheer mayhem and it suits them. Their unique take on life and music have inspired many, but they follow their own path. A mix of different personalities, the band creates entertaining, self-aware shows and music which delights a wide audience. ‘Goddess The Sea Horse’ is their latest release and follows performance art shows including ‘Sparkly Bird’ and the album ‘The Queensbury House Sessions’. The album follows their modus operandi of creating hard-hitting tracks around emotions and observations of life as we live it. After several years of enjoying a somewhat low-key presence the Fabulous Red Diesel now pack prestigious venues such as the 606 Club in London where the album was released on April 6th .

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Jazz sensation The Fabulous Red Diesel releases anticipated album 'Goddess The Seahorse'

For fans of jazz and soul music, The Fabulous Red Diesel is a band that needs to be on your radar. With their highly anticipated new album "Goddess The Seahorse" this UK-based band is ready to make waves in the music scene once again. Having already garnered support from renowned outlets like Jazz FM, Jazz Journal, and BBC Radio 6 Music, as well as performing at prestigious venues like Ronnie Scotts and notable jazz festivals, The Fabulous Red Diesel has built a reputation as one of the hardest working bands in the industry.

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Album review-Goddess the Seahorse

With 14 brilliant tracks showcasing musical depth, excellent musicianship, and some stunning and truly hypnotic vocal performances, 'Goddess The Seahorse' is a brilliant effort from a band who has more than proved that they can deliver the same high level of performance live as they do on record. Sophisticated, emotionally attuned, and sonically rich, the album is full of highs and lows, a fine example of what this brilliant four-piece is capable of.

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The Fabulous Red Diesel release irresistible new album “Goddess the Seahorse” Posted By: Lucas Andrews April 21, 2023 New Music

The Fabulous Red Diesel don’t just create music, they create immersive soundscapes. This is shown on their new album “Goddess the Seahorse.” With swirling melodies, honest lyricism and diverse textures, the 14 tracks will be sure to grip you and take you on a journey. Musically, the tracks features a colourful backdrop consisting of bouncing double basses, heartwarming piano lines and grooving drums.

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Jazz quartet The Fabulous Red Diesel share the sway, emotive and beautiful new single ‘Symmetry’ taken from their upcoming album Goddess The Seahorse.

A delicate, woozy soundscape of swaying, gentle played drums, bouncing double bass, subtle e-bow guitar and warming piano, ‘Symmetry’ creates a pillowy bed for Kat Lee-Ryan’s effortlessly compelling and heartfelt lead vocals. Personal and emotive, the track moves through it’s gently sculpted verses towards an infectiously catchy chorus as Kat delivers biting and resilient lyricism before the track settles into a subtle piano-led instrumental break.