From the recording Goddess The Seahorse


Joe Cool by Kat Lee-Ryan

v1Joe Cool, with your cigarette, Joe Cool ,with your car,
Joe Cool, did you ever think, it would reach this far.
You reached into futures with fingers like rain, changed what was written,
Now I’m gonna change it all again,
Joe Cool, Joe,

Ch) And you say it’s time, I think it's time,
I don't want your rule, I don’t need it,
There is nothing left, there is nothing left,
There is nothing here for you Joe Cool Joe Cool,
Joe Cool , Joe Cool.

V2) I hold all the pieces, like mirrors in my hand,
So carefully, cos they can cut your skin.
So Joe I can see you so cool in the past,
Now I am letting you go, I am letting you go,
Joe Cool, at last.