From the recording The Queensbury House Sessions

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Mama Josie Said -by Kat Lee-Ryan

v1) Girl gotta do, girl gotta do ,girl gotta do the thing that’s in her mind,
Girl gotta look ,girl gotta look girl gotta look and see what she can find,
Girl gotta sing ,girl gotta sing,girl gotta sing she aint no girl without it,
Girl gotta knock on every door,girl gotta carry on ,no doubt about it.

ch) Raising the vibration,following the scene in my head,
Raising the vibration,
And I never really saw it like that- that’s what Josie said.

v2) Girl gotta be girl gotta be girl gotta be the girl she have inside her,
Girl gotta keep girl gotta keep girl gotta keep the one she want beside her,
Girl gotta know girl gotta know girl gotta know that somewhere she is needed,
Girl gotta feel girlgotta feel girl gotta feel that somewhere she succeeded.

Ch )