1. Birdie

From the recording The Queensbury House Sessions

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Birdie- by Kat Lee Ryan

V1) Little birdie up above, she comes a-flying to my tree,
Then she opens up her beak and started whispering to me,
Told me that a friend of mine, was saying things behind my face,
And they weren’t kind, so unkind.

v2) Then I look a little more, and i’m not liking what I see,
The Birdie looks into my face and puts a mirror up to me, I can’t complain about it if I’ve done the very same,
And I feel shame, I feel shame.

Ch) And so I twist my hair, I cream my face,
I put on my shoes,
And I tidy up my place,
I drink my tea, and I make my wine,
And I go about my business, cos he never was a friend, a friend of mine.

v3) Sometimes people tell you this when they are really doing that,
Tell you that its all ok , and then they talk behind your back,
They’re the kind of people i could really do without ,
Don’t wanna see one, don’t wanna be one.

Trumpet solo
Vocal solo
Ch .