1. Helium Balloon

From the recording The Queensbury House Sessions

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Helium Balloon by Kat Lee-Ryan

v1) Well I take my hat off to you for a very firm resolve,
But there’s an awful lot of things you do assume,
And the first thing I remember is,I can’t just lie down quietly,
And wait for normal service to resume.
I know it’s nothing personal,yes I know it’s nothing personal, so here is what I think I’m gonna do,
I’m gonna extricate myself from this repressive situation,go out and do the things I need to do,
The things I need to do.

V2) Well it’s taken me forever just to take this little step,and I am liking how it feels in my new shoes,
My thoughts are getting clearer and my mind is getting lighter, and I’m doing all the things I wanted to.
And I know it’s nothing personal, but life seems kind of sunny,and I feel like I have found another way,
And you hadn’t even noticed,that i’m right around the corner, and the distance is increasing every day.

Ch) And I’m flying like a helium balloon.
I’m flying like a helium balloon.