1. Temporary

From the recording The Queensbury House Sessions

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Temporary - By Kat Lee-Ryan

I’ll introduce me, my name is Rain,
Some people get a little sad when I reveal my face again,
But you know always, the grass is greener, when I have been.
Don’t be downhearted, don’t be so blue,
For every season there’s a reason and it will work out for you,
Just keep believing, in what you wish for ,and what you dream.

Ch) This thing is temporary, it is temporary,
Today is what you want today to be,
Temporary this is temporary,
And the only real limitation here , is what you see.

v2) My name is Winter, would you believe,
I am where every plan is made, where every seed of every journey is conceived,
And yet you fear me.
I am the darkness, I am the cold,
I am the quiet introspection, where you make your choice of wished to unfold,
You have to trust me.
Trumpet solo

My name is Hurdle, I am so high ,
I am misunderstood misrepresented, all I ever want is for you to try,
And learn to leap me.
Without my presence, how would you know,
What really big amazing things you have inside, it only takes a little hurdle,
To make them grow.