1. Nellie Gale

From the recording The Queensbury House Sessions

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Nellie Gale- by Kat Lee-Ryan

V1) Miss nellie Gale presents a tableau of her innocence
No dancing or burlesque and no stripteases,
Maybe some feathers on her head,
Perhaps a pair of shoes upon her feet,
A crowd she surely pleases.

CH) Miss Nellie Gale, she ventures out ,
Upon her tiny frame, she‘s wearing not a clout,
She doesn’t blink, or move at all,
And the only thing she’s wearing is a ball.

V2) And when the people saw, the thing that they’d paid money for,
Well some they were outraged and some delighted,
A naked woman on the stage,
Holding a ball it’s all the rage,
Our reputation will be blighted.

Trumpet solo

V3) And when the proctor came ,
He cried ‘’This is a sinful game,
Such nudity’s behaviour of a tart!’’
But ‘’Oh !’’ the defence did point out ,
‘’It’s just the same as Venus Rising !
Live tableaux is surely only Art !!’’